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The Project:

Be Your Boy is a narrative-style music video set to the track from an Anchorage, Alaska indie singer/songwriter, Medium Build! Be Your Boy has been released, and will be accompanied by a full-length BTS video exclusively for our collectors!

Current Stage of Production: Released

  • 12/01/22 Medium Build is locked.
  • 12/03/21 Weston Bradley and Breanne Wilhite join as Producers.
  • 12/22/21 Jenna Huskisson comes on as Director of Photography.
  • 01/21/22 Flights for traveling cast and crew are booked.
  • 01/25/22 The script is locked.
  • 01/26/22 Insurance and location locked.
  • 01/28/22 Equipment has been picked up and Scene 5 is complete.
  • 01/29/22 Day 2 of shooting is complete.
  • 01/30/22 Picture wrap on Be Your Boy.
  • 03/09/22 Picture lock.
  • 03/11/22 Film Colorist Jake White joins the project.
  • 03/21/22 Video/Film added to IMDB
  • 03/22/22 Trailer is posted on Instagram
  • 03/22/23 Video released.
  • Public NFT Mint TBA soon.

The Writer, Director & Producer

Haley Johnson
An American actress/director/producer. Originally from South Florida, the young artist danced her way to Hussian College In Studio where she was introduced to acting and filmmaking. During her sophomore year, Haley switched her major to Film & Digital Content. This allowed her to frequently jump from in front and behind the camera positions, cementing her love for the art form in its entirety. In her junior and senior year, Haley worked as a production assistant on major Hollywood productions including The Goldbergs, 9-1-1, and Bullet Train, and spent most weekends leading student productions. Haley continues to act and direct post-grad and aspires to create emotionally compelling material.


The Music Artist

Medium Build / Nick Carpenter
Medium Build hails from The Air Crossroads of The World, Anchorage, Alaska, where you may just get held up in traffic due to a moose crossing. Carpenter is known to maintain an ever-evolving collaboration built around a mutual love of 80s country, grapefruit soda water, and 90s R&B. He produces deeply layered tracks by inter-mingling raw, emotionally honest lyrics with forging instrumentation. With minimal effort, he blends electronic with analog and draws the audience into sad songs you can dance to. And you’ve got to love the vision and mantra Carpenter implores, which is “Let’s keep it shitty.”


The Producers

Producer Weston Bradley
Weston is a Native American producer, editor, and writer hailing from Kansas City. The budding filmmaker decided to attend film school at Chapman University in Orange, California after a childhood of musical theater. During his years as a film production undergrad, Weston worked as a production assistant on indie films such as Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, Chris Colfer’s Struck By Lightning, and Michael Mohan’s Save The Date. After graduating college with a Film Production Degree with an emphasis in Editing, Weston landed a job in the writer’s room of Jonathan Nolan’s Person of Interest and eventually Westworld. Since then, Weston has continued to hone his craft by participating in every aspect of production from pre-post on more indie projects leading to Executive Producing his first TV Pilot Solarium which is to be released in the spring of 2022.

Producer Breanne Wilhite
Breanne is an all things pre-production powerhouse that comes from ‘the Swiss Cheese Capital of the USA’ Monroe, Wisconsin. After learning seemingly all you could about the simple things in life, she yearned for more. She took everything she knew from years of theater and put it into a film that got her a shot at Hussian In Studio College Los Angeles. During her first year at HCLA, she landed herself in her home of pre-production. She then assistant directed for many student films, and went on to produce her first project, the NFFTY Film Festival nominee for Best Music Video, Rainy Day, directed by John Chigas. Eventually, she moved on to create indie music videos for Director Haley Johnson including; Notion: Love Me, I Love You, 12:34 - (If) The Book Doesn’t Sell, and now Be Your Boy.

The Director of Photography

Jenna Huskisson
Jenna is a female-identifying director of photography based in Los Angeles. She prides herself in her ability to create informed visuals driven by character and story in both commercial and narrative work. This is her second project with Haley Johnson as she was also director of photography on 12:34 (If) the Book Doesn’t Sell, an Unwoke Funding success. Most recently she’s completed work for Summer Salt designer swimwear company, Alfa-Bank, and Jordan Hawkin’s ‘Risky’.




LEXA – Kaylee McGregor
Kaylee McGregor was born and raised in Western (middle-of nowhere) Pennsylvania and raised a die-hard Steelers fan, she grew up indulging in everything country-living had to offer. Spending most of her childhood raised in the archery shop beneath her grandparent’s house, where she developed a love for archery that became the spark for her admiration of dystopian action-centric films. That spark lit the flame that blossomed into a love for acting. She made the cross-country move to continue her undergraduate studies at Hussian College Los Angeles. There, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting for Film and Television in the Spring of 2019. Throughout her acting career, she has appeared numerous times both on stage and in front of the camera, as well as in behind-the-scenes production work. When she’s not on set, you can find her at the yoga studio or in the kitchen pretending to be a top chef.

MELODY Aaliyah Mecca
Aaliyah Mecca is a performance artist born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. At an early age, Aaliyah was compelled to share stories through movement and on stage performance. Bred in the studio, she made her way to Los Angeles to continue her studies of movement in late 2017. After a year of studying Commercial Dance at Hussian College Los Angeles, she realized that the entertainment industry needed more voices from people of color. Embracing change, Aaliyah decided to take a leap of faith into a new artistic approach: acting! She has since starred in multiple short films including, “In the Events of a Pool Party” directed by Braden Hollis, “Say I do” directed by Tianna Vines, and “Dripping’’ which is an original dance music video directed by Josh Ogner. In early May 2021, Aaliyah graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting for Film and Television.



The final draft of a script is the pivotal piece of a film; Without it, the cast and crew have nowhere to begin creating the director’s vision. We want you to be a part of the magic of filmmaking; get an inside look at what is written between the lines that made the music video possible!

There are three options for signed scripts including:

  • Signed by both Medium Build & Haley Johnson: $5000
  • Signed by just Medium Build: $2500
  • Signed by just Haley Johnson: $2500

All scripts are 1 of 3 originals! Upon contribution, they will be issued to you as an NFT as well as a physical document. Be sure to fill out your mailing address so you can receive the physical document and your wallet address that you would like the NFT to be sent to. The NFT will also work as your Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Registered users can see examples when logged in to their UnWoke Funding dashboard.


The first five of these paintings are truly one of ones, created with synthetic acrylic paint on canvas. The final piece is a print on canvas by the same artist, but makes for a lovely NFT! They were created specifically for this film, handcrafted, and thought up by artist Mikayla Himmelheber. The signed physical art will be shipped anywhere in the United States, but you may contact us if you would like them shipped elsewhere. Upon contribution, you will receive an NFT that will act as your Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and will include a still or multiple stills from the film with the artwork in it.


Mikayla Himmelheber was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. She grew up as a relatively shy person with two brothers and divorced parents. As she grew, she became more connected to her creativity; she says “I think my shyness in the past is connected to my drawings in that I can express myself through my art. It can be bright, colorful, exciting, and cartoonish, without being perceived as anything less than beautiful. It may be unexpected for me, but I know that the obstacles I have had in life have made it difficult for me to be outgoing and exuberant. Creating art and sharing it with people, hearing them say how it makes them feel, has helped me come forward and out of my shell”.

Click on the Names to see an enlarged image:

‘Plants’ is an ode to a theme presented in the film: love comes in all different ways. Love is long, short, colorful, it's speckled with good moments and bad; ‘Plants’ represents three individuals that stand, potted above ground, they search for a place to take root, like our characters, they must first grow where they are planted.

‘Coffee Shop’ features a woman who sits visibly conflicted or upset. It’s a moment of self-reflection, the inner turmoil that can only happen over a cup of coffee on a stressful day. It represents how available to the public relationships can be, open to eyes that peer and judge.

‘Water’ shows a couple who stand on the edge of the water and look in. Similar to the mythology of Narcissus, one is only focused on herself. She envisions a life alone, not because she is unhappy, but because she misses a part of her that is left to be dreamt of.

‘Happy Couple’ shows a couple in bed. The comfort of a gentle kiss on the forehead and freshly washed sheets is enough to make anyone stay. Is it the relationship we truly desire, or the comfort that the relationship brings?

‘Cliff’ is the most important piece of the film. The silhouette of a woman has created a large divide between the couple and the woman walks briskly away without hesitation or fear. She is content with the decision and knows it has to be done for both of them. A leap of faith makes her feel truly free.

‘Lips’ is a print on canvas by the same artist, Mikayla Himmelheber. A strawberry rests between the teeth of the woman, she wonders if she should bite it but the mere existence of it brings color and joy to her life. To know what this means, you must first see the film. You won’t be missing out because ‘Lips’ is a print, you will receive the canvas print used in the production of ‘Be Your Boy’, along with an NFT and Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to prove it all!

Additional Rewards will be added as the project develops. Early movers can take advantage of getting the Rarest NFTs that will be offered and bring awareness to the versatility of Ravencoin and the potential benefits to the Film & Music industries.

Project Contacts:

For more information about the film, you can follow @HNJ99 Instagram! To see the results for her last film project funded with NFTs, visit Follow this project and others on social media for real-time updates that you can easily share.
FaceBook @UnWokeFunding
Twitter @UnWokeFunding

Types of NFTs:

  • Access Tokens give you an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at production for ‘Be Your Boy’!
  • Certificate of Authenticity for a Physical Item Example: In addition to receiving a 1 of 3 signed script, you will receive the related NFT that provides Proof of Ownership, Authenticity of Signatures, and provenance as they are traded over time.
  • Collectible Digital Film Still This music video was shot at 24 frames per second. The are 5765 still that can be Minted in to NFTs when including fade-ins and fade-outs.

Want to Support Anonymously?
All Anonymous support will be applied to a single NFT reward issued to Ravencoin Foundations’s public wallet!

Avoid the checkout process by sending any amount directly to this wallet address:


Include this Memo: BYBMV - RVN Foundation



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