How It Works

UnWoke Funding is a crypto-friendly crowdfunding platform created specifically for Independent Filmmakers.  Filmmakers will post all the details of the film they need to fund so you may choose which projects to support.

How does UnWoke Funding work?

  1. Select a Project to Back
  2. Choose a Pledge level
  3. Pay with Credit Card here or with RVN for selected items on
  4. Get Project Updates
  5. Receive Reward Tokens

Select a Project
UnWoke funding pages are project-specific.  Filmmakers will post all the details of the film they need to fund along with the Rewards to Backers.

Choose a Pledge Level
Independent Filmmakers offer increasing Rewards based on the amount you pledge. Because this site is proof of concept for the issuance of asset tokens on the Ravencoin blockchain those rewards will focus on

COMING SOON Pay in Fiat or Crypto
This site uses NOWPayments to accept crypto payments. It’s a non-custodial service, meaning it doesn’t hold or store funds in any way. NOWPayments supports more than 50 cryptocurrencies, and it offers low transaction fees. They have the ability to accept fiat and convert to crypto.

Get Project Updates
Visit this site to view project updates.

Receive Reward Tokens
Reward offerings vary by Project. All Tokens will be issued on the Ravencoin blockchain so you will want an Asset friendly wallet. We suggest Stibits®.

Ravencoin unique assets are objectively better for almost every use-case than ERC-721 where interaction with DeFi isn’t necessary or desired. As part of the protocol, Ravencoin will ensure that there is only one unique asset with a given name.

Who typically gives?

Like other crowdfunding platforms family members, friends, and fans of the project will offer support. As proof of concept for the use of Tokens on the Ravencoin blockchain, we hope to get the wider crypto community to participate.

How does a Filmmaker post their project for funding?

Contact us!

What is the breakdown of fund dispersal?

As a proof of concept for the Ravewncoin blockchain, ALL Pledges (Minus Credit Card Processing fees via STRIPE & Conversion Fees of will go directly to the Filmmaker of the Project up to their GOAL amount.

NOWPayments allows Project Bakers to pay in a variety of Cryptos including RVN. They also accept fiat. Project Pledges are sent to this site’s RVN wallet to then be dispersed to the Filmmaker, minus conversation fees and holdback for the creation of NFTs.