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An NFT Based Film Collectibiles Platform

Unwoke Funding is an NFT-based film collectibles platform where blockchain meets filmmaking. It opens the door between asset tokenization and the next generation of filmmakers. By purchasing film stills, physical props, signed scripts, or other memorabilia, you support independent filmmakers in creating projects that will propel their careers and potentially your investment. Unwoke Funding has the power to change minds, change lives, and change our perception of the entertainment industry by closing the class gap and basing project investment on the intended potential to succeed. Join us and learn how Ravencoin Asset Tokens and IPFS can decentralize the artform!

A Starting Line for the Unestablished

To the average person, pixelated images sold for hundreds, even thousands, seems a little silly. Unwoke Funding changes the wave by combining film memorabilia and asset tokenization. Movie fans understand collectibles and have always leaped at the chance to collect their pieces of movie history. Here, filmmakers can fund their projects, sell memorabilia to draw supporters, and give others the opportunity to profit from their success. The sooner you invest in collectibles from a blossoming filmmaker’s creation, the longer that asset has to grow. You could own a piece of one of the first films the next Hollywood big shot creates.

Types of Tokens Offered:

Access Tokens

Access Tokens are like subscriptions to exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at the production process, extended cuts of behind-the-scenes interviews, and bloopers. With an access token, you will feel as close to being feet on the ground as possible and gain a higher understanding of the creative process behind the film.

Certificate of Authenticity NFTs for a Physical Item

Physical props can be sold, along with Certificate of Authenticity NFTs. In addition to receiving your purchased signed scripts, paintings, or other physical memorabilia, you will receive the related NFT that provides Proof of Ownership, Authenticity of Signatures, and provenance as they trade over time.

Collectible Digital Images

Digital NFT creation evolves every day. We expect the NFT Rewards assets to grow along with the development of NFTs, some with a higher purpose.
Learn more on Ravencoin’s Official Website: ravencoin.org/assets/

It’s About Verification

In the past, a big reason items from a movie production or press interviews were not a good source for funding is because there was no telling how many were made, printed, or which one was held by the actor. If you have watched reality television, you have seen the look on a person’s face when the expert called into the Pawn Shop says the autograph is a fake. NFTs resolve this! There is little room for question when a seller has both the Physical Item & the Non-Fungible Tokens minted on the blockchain.


Ravencoin (RVN) is a open source peer-to-peer blockchain. It is fully compliant with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Laws created in the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Many cryptocurrencies are learning that they violate these laws that protect U.S. citizens against market manipulation. The Ravencoin blockchain is superior in efficient creation; and transfer of assets from one party to another. Best of all, it is far less expensive than platforms like Ethereum.

Learn more on Ravencoin’s Official Website: ravencoin.org

Will my new NFT be worth anything?

NFT value is subject to the belief of the individual. Many individuals desire to own something exclusive and never before seen. Like autographs of filmmakers and music artists in the past, your NFTs could also raise in monetary value along with expansion of these young filmmakers’ rapidly growing careers. Not sure if you want to wait? Then take advantage of the current seller’s market and sell your NFT on one of the sites linked below. We won’t be offended and look forward to your participation in the next project.


Find more on Ravencoin Wiki and RAVENIST.COM

Lifetime Membership Tokens

Click to view on Ravenist.comOnly 1,234 of these Tokens have minted on the Ravencoin blockchain. The wallet address holding these tokens will receive ongoing NFT Airdrops & BTS access.

NFT Airdrops

Each time a project funds in full, our Lifetime Members WIN! They will receive one of the collectible limited edition NFTs related to that film project every time.

BTS Access

Project creators have the choice to offer a behind-the-scenes (BTS) video for their supporters. Those videos will be available on UnwokeFunding.com, and Lifetime Members that register on our site will have the ability to view them.

Will all 1,234 be Issued?

We’re not sure if all of our Lifetime Membership Tokens will be sold or gifted. Issuing 1,234 NFTs at 5 RVN a piece adds up as more Film Projects get funded and the cost of Ravencoin increases. Additionally, what motivation would a token holder have to contribute to new projects on the site if they already have a collectible? However, we believe in the human spirit and the law of reciprocity. We would imagine our Lifetime Members would see the value in promoting new projects on social media and maybe use the resale money of past NFT airdrops to purchase signed scripts or other NFT/COA rewards.


Where Can I Get One?

Lifetime Membership Tokens are only available on RAVENIST.COM
Ravenist is an up-and-coming premium NFT marketplace on the $RVN Blockchain. You can create, sell, buy, and store assets on Ravenist. It is a custodial service and doesn’t require installation of any extra applications or wallets to be used.

Pro Tip:

Keeping the Lifetime Membership Token on RAVENIST.COM allows you to show off your ever-growing collection of airdropped NFTs and perhaps list them for resale. Once the NFT issues, it is yours to do as you like.

Where Does the Money Go?

Proceeds from sales of Lifetime Membership Tokens will go to open projects focused on making great art and lacking in project promotion. Remember, Unwoke Funding was created to provide a real-world use for NFTs on Ravencoin and help independent filmmakers get the help they need in the early days of their careers.

When Can I Use Cryptocurrency to Support Film Projects?

Soon on this site, you can also consider picking up a Lifetime Membership token ONLY available for sale in RVN. Rewards vary from project to project. Selected items are also available on RAVENIST.COM. Ravenist is a hub for tons of NFT content. Creators post their designs to make them discoverable and available for purchase. RVN price fluctuations have already gone above $0.20, and we believe RVN has the potential to grow exponentially. Combined with the career growth of independent filmmakers, NFT rewards are highly probable to be treasured and traded amongst supporters of the musicians, filmmakers, and artists. Unwoke Funding will aid filmmakers in minting their NFTs, but recommend them to secure their Main Asset Name on Ravencoin as a point of creation. Select NFTs mint before the project is released and offer instant gratification when it finally comes out!

I’m an Independent Filmmaker. Can I Create a Project with Unwoke Funding?

Yes! If you have a project you would like to fund with Unwoke, reach out to our team.